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04 February 2010 @ 02:31 am
Ok, this is kind of awkward. Just popping in to say I'm alive and well. I realized that it's a bit rude to just disappear completely for two months (or so) without any note. Not that I'm a frequent poster, or the first one to comment on your entries, or Miss Popularity, but hey, maybe someone somewhere wondered what the heck happened here. :)

Nothing really happened. It's just that suddenly I have a bunch of 'serious' stuff to do, and the bunch keeps growing. That in itself is not enough to keep me away from Sims, but I think I had a Sim Overdose too. The fact that Raj's lifestyle totally messed up the hood's family tree (and I can't just let that happen) was not helping. Then I got myself WA, broke the game and was too tired to even try to sort it out. That's pretty much it.

The biggest part of my time was actually devoted to stalking other people's sim-stuff, and I just can't allow myself to do that now. I just glanced a bit over my Friends List and some major sites, and, maaan, there's a whole mountain of fabulous things you people did!!! I'll catch up one day, and I'm really looking forward to that!

Today I tried a bit harder to get the game to work, and what do you know, it works :) Now, apparently something huge happened to the way the game reads CC formats, but I'll leave that alone for now. In fact, my super-secret plan includes uninstalling EVERYTHING from the computer except for a word processor and a browser. Easily distracted Mix cannot afford ANY distractions!

(Also, WTF?! Photobucket crunched my pictures, nooo!)

That's all I wanted to say. I won't be around at all until the important stuff are done for good (or until I feel the need for a simming fix, but I'm hoping for the former). Oh, and a late happy holidays!!!

(I don't like whiny non-simming posts, so this particular one will self-destruct and a prettier, sim-related post will take it's place. Eventually.)
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29 November 2009 @ 02:49 pm
Today I'll show you a large chunk of Mr. Raj Bebedadeh' life. Seriously, you've been warned - this is one massive journal entry. Please don't be bored to death :) If you do click the cut, you'll find that the people of Sunset Valley are expecting the apocalypse, but Raj has just moved to town and he's ready to comfort them. If they're of the female gender.

Just a note, Pinstar's posted three Sims of the Month for August, and another special sim. Raj is the third in line, but his story comes before others. You can view the storyline here.

Prelude: Having been warned by Theresa of the earth’s impending doom, the population reacted in many ways. One was to throw all sense out the window and act as if there were no tomorrow. This included risky woo-hoo behavior. People like Raj Bebedadeh had a hay-day with this fact and did a great deal of woo-hoo with those who thought there was no tomorrow.

''...And this is little Raj.''Collapse )

That was a lot of information, wasn't it? My next little project is showcasing all of Raj's children, because you hardly got to see them. (And you're probably dying to. :P)
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14 November 2009 @ 02:29 pm
I doubt that anyone's interested in some random sims my game decided to pop out, but for me it's very enjoyable to visit the houses, check out what happened and do some quick makeovers. Pretty much all of the premades are long dead (except the ones that start as toddlers or fetuses), and if you decide to follow the cut, you'll find a whole bunch of new faces (courtesy of awesomestory driver). These sims were born and grew up during Theresa's challenge. There a lot of sims here, so I thought about just showing you the most interesting ones. But, nah. :P You get to see EVERYONE! Hence the "Full Package".

She seems vaguely familiar...Collapse )

Yeah, I totally used Cassandra's picture for a teaser to lure TS2 people into this random, mammoth entry :P Sorry! :)

Have some linkage. To get familiar with the premades, check out this entry (Alto through Kennedy) and this one too (Koffi through Working Friends). This is what's been happening to them the last time I paid them a visit. Gordon and Theresa are a part of the fabulous Sim of the Month challenge by Pinstar. Also, please check out Moondaisy's cool blog, because it's awesome. See you around!

Oh, and I'm setting age span to Long so Pinstar's story would make more sense. It's also easier, and I won't end up with a whole new set of neighbors each time I start one of these challenges.
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I don't really have a lot of TS3 CC yet, and don't really care about it either. Still, I figured I might as well start making a resource list now, before it all turns into a vast ball of pus. And the EP is just around the corner, some stuff may need updating. This list will of course be a WIP for quite some time.

ModsCollapse )

Default ReplacementsCollapse )

Sim PartsCollapse )

ObjectsCollapse )

PatternsCollapse )

Other StuffCollapse )
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08 November 2009 @ 06:27 pm
Back to the ghost house, currently consisting of a whole one ghost. I present to you - the crappy teaser picture! (Actually it bothered me so much I changed it. Less is more.)

Warning: Bunch of births and birthdaysCollapse )

Next stop - Sunset Valley. I enjoy checking non-played households and trying to figure out what happened (during Theresa's challenge in this case). I'm not gonna tell you what happened during Maddie's challenge 'cause I don't really care, I'm not familiar with Riverview. I did check on the Newbies though. Bob and Betty got married, but they don't have any children. That's all for now. See you around!
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07 November 2009 @ 02:55 pm
This is Pinstar's bonus Halloween Sim of the Month challenge. A little late, but it turned out longer than I expected. Madison is not a part of the original storyline, so I could jump right in. Also, she lives (?) in Riverview so I wont be bothering you with the premade families this time. :)

Warning: Not scary at all!Collapse )
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28 October 2009 @ 11:13 pm
As opposed to Gordon that took me more than a month to finish, I literally stormed through Theresa's challenge. Not sure why. I must never do that again, it was exhausting, and kind of... meaningless. :) Also, there are some really random and sparse pictures here. Ok, here goes...

(Note - I'm not trying to write a story, I think that's obvious. Anything that resembles a story here is copied from Pinstar's rules and his storyline.)

Prelude: The Dockwood Dolphins, after losing their final game in a huge upset to their biggest rivals the Red Rabbits, who were lead to victory by the underdog star player Gordon Loadsworth, came up with a plan. They would bolster team spirit and frighten their rivals by creating a living mascot. So they commissioned the local science center to create the mascot. It was this ‘living mascot’ experiment that transformed then-test subject, Theresa Dole, into the half-human half-dolphin hybrid that she is today. She promptly escaped before she could be drafted into service as a mascot, and assumed the name Theresa Dolphina. Theresa learns a frightening truth from her fellow dolphins, and goes on a quest to let the world know about it's impending doom.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!Collapse )

Next stop - Raj Bebadadeah, a random citizen who reacts to the news of world ending by woohooing like there's no tomorrow (very appropriate 'cause there is no tomorrow). I'll try not to rush him, and I also think I'll set the aging span to long, for various reasons. I'm also not sure what to do with Story Progression. Disable awesomestory? (It certainly caused lots of happenings, maybe too much.) Get Twallan's? Ugh, decisions, decisions...
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26 October 2009 @ 04:14 pm
(Pun intended.)

I was really curious to see what happened to the sims guided by Story Progression (oh, the horror!) while I was busy playing the Loadsworth household. For the record, I was using the default story progression, with awesomemod in. The mood took care of major stupidities, such as single parent babies, but awesomestory was disabled. You know, the default setting.

In short, nothing really happened. The hood is slowly dying. Everybody (except Mortimer) switched houses. There are new steady relationships, but hardly any new marriages and new babies. To be precise, the only two guys who had children are a gay guy and a REALLY old guy. Oh and one woman got married and had a child. But enough of the ramble, let's get this started!

Where are they nowCollapse )

If you have no idea who the premade characters are, I made two entries which describe all of them in detail. (Not all of them are covered here, obviously, either because they're too old, dead or simply boring.) The Loadsworths are a family of a challenge sim, Gordon, which I showed off in my previous entry. See you around!
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21 October 2009 @ 12:05 am
Ok, so. Pinstar is a genius. I've been having loads of fun with his Sim Of The Month challenge over at BBS. Yeah, yeah, it's the BBS, but the challenge is awesome, really! Pinstar releases a sim each month, and a player has to reach sim-specific goal, while obeying sim-specific restrictions, in as few days as possible. It all started back in June with a simple task of getting a completely non-athletic sim to the top of athletic career (simple but interesting concept nonetheless, I would have never thought of it). It only gets better with each new sim and they all form a story together. I'm far behind and will probably never catch up, 'cause I'm SLOW, but it's still fun! So, let me show you my June sim, Gordon!

Life of GordonCollapse )

I hope you like the challenge. I didn't do much to present how interesting it actually is, so I'd recommend this blog, which contains an actual (and a very cute) story about the characters (only Gordon and Theresa so far, but it's very thorough, and it's updated daily). There you can also find out how are characters linked to each other (which is buried somewhere deep in Pinstar's BBS thread). See you around!
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